“Either God does not exist, or he is unimaginably cruel.”

– Dr. House

In a fight with an atheist, a Christian can throw a lot of jabs and punches with proofs for the existence of God. However, when a Christian has the atheist on the ropes, the atheist comes with a Mayweather right hook and it seems to always knock out the Jesus freak. What is this power punch? Suffering. “If God is good and loves his children, why do good people suffer?”  Bam! 7,8,9,10 The HeavyWeight champion of Religion is…Bill Maher! If suffering didn’t exist, Bill Maher would probably be doing nightly infomercials. Yet with such an argument to knock out opponents, he’s making millions on HBO. How can a God-fearer stand up to the Goliath of arguments? Is there a stone that will fly high enough to knock out this Andre the Giant?

One of the biggest roadblocks to a young person’s faith is the perception that the Church is not accepting of persons with same-sex attraction. One hears gay Sodomites caused God to pour down fires from heaven and gay people are going to hell. Then they have an epiphany…they meet a gay person. He or she doesn’t seem to be the Anti-Christ looking for an opportunity to place a 666 chip in your brain. In fact, he or she can seem pretty darn kind, and another person’s faith bites the dust! Peace out homophobes, I’m moving in with Mitchell and Cameron (if you’re old, that is a Modern Family joke). What’s a Catholic to believe?

This post provides the opportunity to pray the stations of the cross in the comfort of your home. This is meant to be prayed and NOT watched. Enter with your heart into the greatest act of Love the world has ever seen. Put yourself next to Mary Magdalene, John the Beloved, Simon, and Mother Mary.

The Tradition is, after the paschal mystery (the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus), Mother Mary would visit daily the sites of Jesus’ passion. So close was she to her son’s heart, she would relive, over and over, His Love. Through the Stations, one must see the passion as Mother Mary did, looking beyond the violence and seeing the Person who is LOVE, giving everything he is and has to you and for you. THIS IS HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH TO GOD! God is real, Love is real, and this is how badly he wants you back in his arms.

My two year old daughter loves frogs and is getting super into a show called Leap Frog. However, when my daughter says frog, it really sounds like the F-word. We were in church the other weekend and during a very quiet part of the mass, my daughter said loudly, “Daddy, frog movie, frog movie!” But to the untranslated ear it sounded like something entirely different. Needless to say, I’m going to hell.

My soul resorts to the frog word when I have deep anxiety about the big questions in life. The biggest question I and every homo sapiens has ever asked is, Who are we, Why are we here? The answer to this question is found in the original creation story, Genesis 1, but barely anyone knows this. The sad reality is, the creation story of the Bible has become a mud wrestling pit for creationists and Darwinians – throwing down cage-match style.


Mary wants men who have something to tame, rather than those who are tame because they have no energy to be wild. Fulton Sheen